May 3, 2012

Anyone else following this amazing Bay Area Story?

The one about the seventeen year old San Rafael kid, Max Wade? (And what a great name?)

The seventeen year old, who, allegedly, mind you, stole the Food Network celebrity chef, Guy Fieri's Lamborghini?

The kid busted in to an elite San Francisco car showroom, through the ceiling window, repelled his way down to the showroom floor, cut the locks, and drove off with Guy Fieri's car.

Here is where it gets really ugly.  Allegedly, a month later, he attempted to murder his crush and her "date" in a drive-by.  Both were barely scratched, thank goodness.  She reported this to the police, natch, and the wheels were in motion.

But Wade let his vanity undo him.  Less than two weeks after, allegedly, attempting to murder his crush, he texted her, asking if she'd like a ride to the City in his "Lambo"! 

Wade was apprehended, of course, and is in custody.  When he was caught, he allegedly reached for a Glock, and had fifteen-hundred in cash on him, and a fake ID.


It was all for the love of a girl, a minor girl.  The prosecution believes the thing that finally set Wade over the edge was something hateful the crush's "date" posted about Wade on facebook! 


I already know the first scene for this screenplay.  And you will see it here soon.  So, do not let anyone else steal it from me.


Crucial Books:  Screenplay The Foundations of Screenwriting by Syd Field, 1979.

And, by the way, SFChron, Peter Fimrite, who is covering this story for you, is an amazing staff writer.  He deserves a raise, or a promotion, or both.

All my love,

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