Aug 1, 2012

Charlie Pierce is so right. (UPDATED!)

Despite Mittens' debacle of a European Tour, and his notorious continuing tradition of at least a gaffe a day, the national polls show this thing neck and neck less than a hundred days before the General.

And, we know why we won't see any more tax returns.  Because those are the years he did not pay any frickin' taxes.

Meanwhile, the "Lefty/Liberal" media maintain their fine tradition of screaming, "Everybody does it!" and Concern Trolling Democrats when they announce Elizabeth Warren will be speaking at the Convention.  "Oh no! Such a lightning rod!" You know what happens when you have an awesome strong woman speak her mind in front of a large crowd? All hell breaks loose, that's what, and the Founding Fathers cry.  And everyone will have to get Gay Married.

When will anyone in the media hold Mittens and his GOP Clown Car friends accountable? This time last year after the Sequester Debt Deal, Boehner said, "I got ninety-eight per cent of what I wanted." Yesterday he said he's throwing the whole Sequester in the dustbin, and crying that Obama will not negotiate.

(You want to balance the budget? Cut the frickin' defense budget! Everyone knows this but refuses to confront our beloved Public Servants with these facts.  Just where are our priorities?)

I am not panicking, yet.  But nothing really shocks me about our electorate these days.

Donate to Obama if you can, please.  Anything.  And donate to Planned Parenthood, too.

Oh, and this is flipping great news! Thanks TBogg.

I love you all.  Honestly.  Probably even if you do not agree with me.

P.S.  Remember, Friday is Same Sex Kiss Day at Chick-Fil-A restaurants across the country.  I will not be able to participate.  But, I will be watching all those videos, and sharing one or two good ones with you this weekend.

(This is a same sex) Mwah, ... 


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