Aug 30, 2012

A Star is Born

(Well, not really.)

Charlie Pierce thinks Ryan reminds him of Nixon.  But, I can not help but think of Ryan as George Minifer from The Magnificent Ambersons.  Except, maybe even worse, and more deserving of his own comeuppance than Tim Holt is in his sterling portrayal of one cinema's greatest villains.

Born on third, they keep thinking they have hit a triple.

Do not listen to the courtier press about this being a game changer.  It is not.  Anyone watching last night has already made up their mind.  And I do not know what the ratings were but this was no blockbuster television event last night, and tonight will not be, either.

Of course Ryan lied.  He lied about the automobile plant in Janesville, he fudged the truth on his wealthy upbringing, he "forgot" to mention that he voted for Bush 43's budget busting wars and for Medicare Part D, that he walked away from the Simpson-Bowles Commission -- instructing other House Members to always refuse to negotiate with the Administration, lest Obama secure even modest "victories" or compromises -- and that the Obama reform of Medicare that was part of the ACA was a compromise for the GOP, which still earned supremely few votes from the GOP and was then used against Democrats in the mid-terms and will be used against them again in the General.

Tears notwithstanding, Ryan does not want to "reform" or save Medicare.  He wants it destroyed. This is where Pierce has it so right with the Nixon comparisons.

This election is going to come down to whether the Democrats and Obama can expose Ryan and Romney for the frauds they are in simple and easy to understand language.  If they can do that, they should win.  They need to illustrate Ryan's rank hypocrisy so that it fairly shimmers on the page.  And they need to do it efficiently, and with wit.

I am sure Axelrod and Plouffe are already on the case.  (Where are Malcolm Tucker and Jamie McDonald when you need them?)

Poor Mittens, though, right? The party is for him supposedly, yet no one dares mention his name.

Ciao, Angels,

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