Aug 20, 2012

My Sweetie, my cats, French films, and French wine will save this day.

This whole Todd Akin thing has got me really depressed and angry.  I wanted to do a v long post about the Sight & Sound Poll today, and even started writing, ... but, ...

"This tiny pink pistol is so cute.  And it matches my clothes."

I am going to watch 8 Femmes -- which I just bought on Friday last -- drink French wine and wait for my Sweetie to come home.

Politics can tear a soul to shreds on certain days.

Catherine Deneuve, Ludivine Sagnier, Virginie Ledoyen, and my lovely Wife can save me, though. And Molly and Mavis, too.

All my Monday love, Angels! I will get that Sight & Sound report to you soon, I swear.  And, an 8 Femmes review.


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