Aug 3, 2012

What a lovely day!

I am sipping Mariage Freres French Breakfast tea, enjoying a croissant, and watching Team France advance to the London 2012 Women's Football Tournament Semifinals.

Ms Necib likes to wear red nail polish, too.  

Renard, that foxy (h/t to Yvonne S!) centre-back scored another goal, and Necib just keeps getting better and better as the Tournament moves forward.  France beat Sweden today two to one and will face the winner of the Japan/Brazil Quarterfinal later today.  The Semifinals will be on Monday.

The USWNT did not look particularly great today in their two nil victory over the New Zealand Kiwi Football Ferns, and they certainly did not look nearly as good as the French side today, who faced much tougher opposition.

And, Ariel Hsing will be back in action today, too! In the Team Table Tennis event, whatever that is (?).

Congratulations, of course, to Gabby Douglas, winning the All Around last night, and it was good to see Aliya Mustafina win a Bronze. (Even though, the Olympics have screwed that up, too.  She should share Bronze medals with Aly Reisman.  Gymnastics and figure skating always have to have tears and controversy, hunh?)

All my Friday love,


Oops! I was so busy watching Women's Football that I completely missed Ms Hsing today.  The USA were crushed three love in Team Table Tennis by Japan.  Ms Hsing lost her only match.

But, I still love her, anyway.  Now, her and her teammate can go see Les Mis in the West End like they promised to do if they made the team.

She's got a paddle, and she knows how to use it.  


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