Aug 27, 2012

Oh, dear. Ron and Rand are in town, and that has got Mittens

All a-flutter.  Mittens is desperate to change the roll-call rules at the last minute, to ensure that not a single Ron Paul delegate gets a chance to be heard.  Well, what else is new, really? Because Mittens sure will not be talking about his new (latest?) "nuanced" views on abortion, which do not jibe with the RNC Platform, his Veep pick, or Todd "Magical Ladyparts" Akin's.  Or, about Romneycare, which Mittens has suddenly dragged out of the closet in a pathetic attempt to win women voters, and, which, natch, stands in stark opposition to the RNC Platform, his Veep pick, and all the lovely Teabagging Koch-fiend crazies on the floor.

Why go over all that health care poop again? Really.  We all know you will have the Ladyparts Vote all wrapped up after Ann and LL Cool P speak this week.  He is soooooo hunky.

Meanwhile, here is some digby goodness about our friends with Ladyparts getting the right to vote.  Plus, some more Ladyparts digby goodness, too.  (Shhhhhh, they say the v-word in that song, .... )

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