Aug 19, 2012

"James is from the Valley, he'd probably like Chablis."

When Renee and I first started going out, I think I showed her a VHS copy of Paul Bartel's eighties/swinger cult classic, Eating Raoul, for the first time, never expecting her to like the film quite as much as she did.

For a while there, Renee wanted to take Eating Raoul to bed with her every night, to fall asleep to. And, the quote above, the "title" of this post, has become part of our personal Secret Language and is uttered by us all the time, oftentimes as a complete non sequitur -- but mostly whenever anyone talks about or drinks Chablis.

Anyhoo, it is my personal pleasure to announce that Criterion is releasing Eating Raoul on bluray on Renee's birthday next month -- and, no, that will not be her birthday present from me, Clever Clogs!

I am sure many will scoff that Criterion would do a super duper treatment on this silly little, very cheap, extremely black -- and sexy -- comedy.  Scoff away, I do not care.  I can not wait.


Today should be a lovely lazy day, doing laundry, drinking fabulous wine and eating wonderful food.  We deserve it.  That was a long week we just finished.

All my love, I hope everyone has a splendid Sunday,

Mwah, ... 

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