Aug 10, 2012

Uh, so now the GOP Clown Car

Has got its' panties in a twist re Harry Reid for a new and different reason.  

Because it is working.  Mittens' national numbers are tanking this week, and this desperate "Look! A monkey! My Veep!" ploy this weekend is not going to stem the tide.  Heck, Mittens will not even listen to the WSJ and all those Fox News pundits, screaming for him to just release the damn returns, already.  

Fine with me.  Have fun watching those numbers sink even further, Willard.

The Mittens Campaign, in addition to the Secret Veep Sweepstakes, are also pushing hard on the "Obama is a meanie!" trope.  

Dang, whodathunk Obama and his folks wanted to win this General? Who are these Jokers in Mittens' corner, really?

Meanwhile, out in Missouri, the GOP Senate candidate is desperate to legislate hisself some more vaginas.  Them Ladyparts really put Right-Wingers in a tizzy, hunh?


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