Aug 21, 2012

Once again, Kos and Charlie Pierce

Are right.

Why on earth would Todd "Magical Ladyparts" Akin drop out of his Senate race?

McCaskill is extremely unpopular in Missouri and the spot poll conducted right after the Akin firestorm showed Akin up by one point.  Moreover, the poll also asked folks what they thought of Akin's comments (read real beliefs, no matter what Akin says today) and they were sensibly appalled.  But, not appalled enough apparently to change their prospective vote to McCaskill.

Because this is the Modus Operandi for the GOP, and has been for decades:  The sin is not in what Akin said -- most GOP folks in Missouri have no problem with that.  They do not like that he said it out loud.  I mean, to quote Rushmore, "Now, that's just rude."

Rove and GPS bailed, sure.  But some super-secretive, super-wealthy PAC will fill their shoes. And, now  the rest of the GOP Clown Car gets to look "sensitive", screaming for Akin's head whilst popping the Cristal at home by themselves.  I mean, look what these pearl clutching ,"we're so horrified" by Akin GOP weasels did just fucking today! (Mittens camp let loose with a howler today re the 2012 GOP Platform, that just because he is their official nominee that that does not necessarily mean that that is part of the Mittens/LL Cool P platform.)(Plus, notice that the GOP Clown Car are urging Akin to bow out of his Senate campaign not his House Seat!)

It is the best of both worlds for these assholes.  Unless.  Unless we do something.  Donate to McCaskill, educate your friends and family about these GOP idiots, exposing them for the cruel hateful bastards they are, and donate to Planned Parenthood, too.

There is a fucking GOP War on American Women out there.  We can not let the bastards win.

All my love,

P.S.  And, it is no surprise that the most eloquent excellent quote from the past few days comes from my guy, Obama:  "Rape is rape, and the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about doesn't make sense to the American people and certainly doesn't make sense to me."

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