Aug 12, 2012

After yesterday's official launch

Of the USS Hapless Shrugged (serious h/t to my friendface friendie, David D), it took about ninety minutes of Fox News punditry for Stephen Moore to create Fox News' latest Paul Ryan meme, to wit:

Those folks of us with ladyparts loooooooove themselves some Paul Ryan.

Fox News this morning has been all LL Cool P all the time.  They have trotted out Jan Brewer, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and the Queen of Alaska, herself, Sarah Palin.  They have got themselves a serious new Manfriend, if you know what I mean.  He is hunky, he shoots guns, he hates Medicare and Social Security, he is white, really white, he drives a truck, loves Jesus and Ayn Rand! -- a multi-tasker! -- and I am sure will drive all those with ladyparts absolutely wild with desire! It is like The Beatles landing in New York all over again.

Keep running with this, folks.  Gonna be a winner.

LL Cool P iz in the heezy, y'all!

Meanwhile, gas prices are way up this past month, so, folks at Fox News are definitely cracking open their 1997 Screaming Eagle Cabernets right now.  Time to par-tay!

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