Aug 23, 2012

How does the 2012 Spitler/Diskowski Greatest Film Poll

Stack up to the 2012 Sight & Sound Greatest Films Poll?

Not too bad, actually.

We got five films in their Top 25, and six in their Top 40, to wit:  Citizen Kane (2nd); Apocalypse Now (14th); Seven Samurai (17th); Singin' in the Rain (20th); The Godfather, Part 1 (21st); and The Godfather, Pt 2 (31st).  (Remember that Sight and Sound changed the rules this time and ruled you could not lump the first two Godfather films as one picture, unlike our poll, and unlike Sight & Sound had done it in 2002.)

The magazine edition is publishing the top 250 films of their 2012 Poll, and the 2012 Spitler/Diskowski Poll landed ten films in the top 250.  The other four are:  Casablanca -- our Poll Winner (84th); Annie Hall (127th); Star Wars, Episode Four -- A New Hope (171st); and All About Eve (235th).

Here are the numbers/stats for the 2012 Spitler/Diskowski Greatest Films Poll, ranked by the Sight & Sound Poll.

1.  Citizen Kane (3rd S/D) (2nd S&S) 157 S&S votes.
2.  Apocalypse Now (5th S/D) (14th S&S) 52 S&S votes.
3.  Seven Samurai (8th S/D) (17th S&S) 48 S&S votes.
4.  Singin' in the Rain (10th S/D) (20th S&S) 46 S&S votes.
5.  Godfather, Pt 1 (2nd S/D) (21st S&S) 43 S&S votes.
6.  Godfather, Pt 2 (2nd S/D) (31st S&S) 38 S&S votes.
7.  Casablanca (1st S/D) (84th S&S) 19 S&S votes.
8.  Annie Hall (6th S/D) (127th S&S) 13 S&S votes.
9.  Star Wars, Episode Four -- A New Hope (4th S/D) (171st S&S) 10 S&S votes.
10.  All About Eve (13th S/D) (235th S&S) 7 S&S votes.
11.  To Kill a Mockingbird (11th S/D) (894th S&S) 1 S&S vote.
12.  Blazing Saddles (7th S/D) (-- S&S) 0 S&S votes, although one critic voted for Young Frankenstein.
13.  All That Jazz (12th S/D) (-- S&S) 0 S&S votes, which I consider criminal.  Hopefully All That Jazz did better in the Directors Poll, which I will report on next week.


How does my personal poll stack up against Sight & Sound?

It is a mixed bag.  I got two of the Top Five, but only three in the Top 100.  And I landed eight in the Top 250.

1.  Citizen Kane (2nd my poll) (2nd S&S) 157 S&S votes.
2.  Sunrise (3rd my poll) (5th S&S) 93 S&S votes.
3.  Casablanca (7th my poll) (84th S&S) 19 S&S votes.
4.  The Lady Eve (9th my poll) (110th S&S) 15 S&S votes.
5.  Trouble in Paradise (1st my poll) (117th S&S) 14 S&S votes.
6.  Annie Hall (6th my poll) (127th S&S) 13 S&S votes.
7.  Kind Heart and Coronets (11th my poll) (171st S&S) 10 S&S votes.
8.  All About Eve (8th my poll) (235th S&S) 7 S&S votes.
9.  Double Indemnity (10th my poll) (283rd S&S) 6 S&S votes.
10.  Gold Diggers of 1933 (5th my poll) (588th S&S) 2 votes.
11.  All That Jazz (4th my poll) (-- S&S) Still no S&S votes.

Films I was happy to see receive at least one vote in the 2012 Sight & Sound Poll? Shaun of the Dead, The Royal Tenenbaums, Dazed and Confused, Withnail & I, Bad Timing, Don't Look Now, Army of Shadows, Lone Star, Stardust Memories, The Man in the White Suit, Carlos, Safe, and somehow two people snuck David Simon's smashing HBO series, The Wire on to their Top Ten list.  That is just a very small sample.  You could literally spend all day combing through their explore page.  I will check on Velvet Goldmine later today and Todd Solondz' films, too.

Meanwhile, here are four S&S critics I would love to have a very long dinner with:  Catherine A. Surowiec, Nathalie Morris (I will forgive her Coppola Marie Antoinette selection), Leo Robson, and Philip Berk.

And here is how two of my favorite film critics voted:  Manohla Dargis, and Todd McCarthy.

I love you all,

Mwah, ... 

Carol Reed's The Third Man, 73rd place in the 2012 Sight & Sound Poll, 22 votes.

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